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Management Association of Pakistan

Management Association of Pakistan

Student Membership

Notes for Student Applicants please read carefully

Eligibility: Any person, between the age of 18 and 28 years, enrolled as a student of an institution teaching management subjects or of a management association, for its professional examination.

Attested photo copies required: All Degrees / certificates.

Other documents: CV and a copy of CNIC

Application form to have 3 signed references: one by a Professor/ Registrar of the University/Institute where the applicant is currently enrolled, the other two by active MAP members.

Validity of Student Membership: To be renewed each year upon payment of subscription fee.

Student Discount details: will be made available with each program.

Participation: in all activities of the Association.

Section 4 — Undertaking

  1. I,   hereby undertake that, I the undersigned fufulfilhe eligibility criteria required for a member to be admitted under Sections 4 and 6 of the Articles of Association. That, I will, if admitted, so long as I am a member, duly observe the rules, articles and other regulations of the Association in force from time to time.
  2. I do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare that,
    1. I am not ineligible, under the Companies Act and company law or any other legislation;
    2. I have not been found involved in any undesirable or anti-state activities; and
    3. I have not been found involved in multi-level marketing (MLM), Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes, or other related activities/businesses or any lottery business.
Fee Details

Entrance Fee                           Rs. 1000
This is a one-off payment payable on initial application.

Annual Subscription             Rs. 1000
To be paid each year.

Total Fee Payable                   Rs. 2000

Click Download PDF: Student Membership Application Form
Click Download PDF:  Affidavit \ Undertaking Of Student Membership Application Form