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Management Association of Pakistan

Management Association of Pakistan

About us

MAP – When & Why?

MAP is a professional Association, a not-for-profit and a non-political organization. The Association has an elected board of directors, i.e. the Executive Committee, comprising of corporate leaders from Pakistan’s top-notch companies viz.  Institute  of  Business  Management    (IoBM),    Schneider  Electric  Pakistan  (Pvt.)  Ltd.,  Cherat Cement Company Ltd.,  Junaidy  Shoaib Asad  Chartered Accountants,  KPMG Taseer  Hadi  &  Co.,  English Biscuit  Manufacturers (EBM), Jubilee General Insurance Company Ltd., Meezan Bank Ltd., FPCCI  and Lumina Consulting Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

Since its inception in 1964, MAP has dedicated its efforts in promoting professionalism in management disciplines and best management practices. The primary objective before the Association has always been to stimulate interest in, and disseminate knowledge about modern managerial practices and techniques. The Association has flourished for over 55 years as an apex forum for training and communication of ideas in the field of management in Pakistan. Over last fifty-five years, the Association has organized about 1714 Seminars and Training Courses with over sixty-one thousand participants so far having benefited from such programs.

Vision Statement

To Lead the Change Process Towards Best Management Practices.

Mission Statement

Management Association of Pakistan is committed to excellence in management through human capital development, creating awareness and recognizing best management practices to enhancing competitiveness.


  1. Serve as a forum for interaction for individuals and organizations concerned with and interested in various disciplines of Management.
  2. Acquire, collect, collate and disseminate information on management practices by conducting training sessions, workshops, and holding seminars and conferences on good management practices.
  3. Exchange information with other bodies, nationally and internationally and collaborate with them.
  4. Encourage business concerns to join the association and individuals to qualify for individual and other forms of membership.
  5. Lay down standards of knowledge, training and experience in the practice of management appropriate to various grades of membership of the association.

Strategic Partnerships

International Alliances:

MAP continues its strategic alliance with Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO), a regional body of national management organizations of Asian countries of which MAP is a full member. The objective is not only interacting with other like-minded international bodies, but also with a view to facilitating our membership with a learning experience for enhancing their management skills and knowledge at an international level. Our strategic alliance with Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO) provides our members with the opportunity to participate in the ‘Asian Management Games’; winning team avails a complimentary field study trip to Macau and Hong Kong. Additionally, two young MAP members are chosen to participate in the ‘Young Managers Program’ held in Macau each year. Another value addition by MAP is a 5 days training program, the Tun Razak Youth Leadership Award (TRYLA), organized in collaboration with AAMO and Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) in Lumut, Perak, Malaysia. Apart from this, AAMO’s quarterly newsletter’s soft copy is emailed by MAP to all our members which addresses contemporary management thoughts and practices.

Local Alliances:

 IoBM- Institute of Business Management and ICC- International Chamber of Commerce.

MAP Membership

MAP has more than 250 Institutional members and 495 Individual members. Presently, MAP has the following classes of membership:

  1. A)    Honorary Members – who shall be individuals who rendered outstanding service in the field of management and who shall
    have been invited by the Committee to join the Association as Honorary Member.
  2. B)   Institutional Members – any firm, corporation, a government enterprise, educational institute, Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    or other like institution interested in the development of management shall be eligible for Institutional Membership.
  3. C)    Individual Members – persons having an interest and association within the field of management, who wish to become individual
    members, without any affiliations with the organization they are attached to professionally, on an individual basis.
  4. D)    Student Members – any person, between the age of 20 and 35 years, enrolled as a student of an institution teaching management subjects or of a management association for its professional examination.

MAP Membership Benefits

While some members join the Management Association of Pakistan simply for the intangible benefit of supporting the mission of the organization, others join to benefit from our training programs and networking opportunities. Whichever the case, MAP members are entitled to a wide range of tangible benefits such as:

  1. Besides vast networking opportunities at the MAP events which are ideal for knowing and meeting the corporate luminaries of Pakistan, following are the membership benefits for:

A. Institutional Members:

  1. Category ‘C’ Company: 2 complimentary trainings for one selected employee for any one-day workshop in a calendar year.
  2. Category ‘B’ Company: 1 complimentary training for one selected employee for any one-day workshop in a calendar year.
  3. Category ‘A’ Company: One 50% discounted training for one selected employee for any one day workshop in a calendar year OR a complimentary training for a half-day workshop in a calendar year.
  4. If a member company signs and implements an Annual In-House Training contract with MAP:
  5. The company CEO plus one other senior official gets cordial invitation for MAP’s annual Convention.
  6. The company gets Diamond Training Excellence Certificate during the Corporate Excellence Awards event.
  7. If a member company participates in 7 or more MAP’s Public Workshops in a calendar year, the company gets Gold Training Excellence Certificate during the Corporate Excellence Awards event plus a cordial invite for the CEO for the annual Convention.

B. Individual Members:

An Individual member registering for 3 or more MAP workshops in a calendar year, can avail complimentary participation for the 4th workshop along with a cordial invite for the Corporate Excellence Awards event OR the annual Convention.

C. Student Members:

A student member registering for 2 or more MAP workshops in a calendar year, can avail complimentary participation for the 3rd workshop along with a cordial invite for the Corporate Excellence Awards event OR the annual Convention.

  1. Membership Recognition Certificates: We value our members and their patronage of MAP. To acknowledge this association, we issue a membership recognition certificate, renewed each year for members in good standing.
  2. Certified and Customized Training Sessions: Our workshops and trainings are tailored to meet the diverse needs of quality professionals. In-house trainings at the Institutional members’ location are arranged.
  3. Quarterly E-Newsletter “InsightMAP”: Our e-newsletter encompasses all the happenings in MAP and is emailed to MAP Members.