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Management Association of Pakistan

Management Association of Pakistan

14th MAP Convention

27th February 2013 at Lahore

“Strategy, Growth, Responsibility” were the three-pronged focus in Lahore when the Chairman, Malaysian Institute of Management Datuk Seri Mohamed Iqbal, the President of the Management Associations of the Philippines, Melito “Mel” S.  Salazar, Jr., and the President of the Management Association of Pakistan, Mr. Kamal A. Chinoy, shared the stage at the 14th MAP Convention held on 27th February 2013.

Global Pioneer of Strategy Implementation and Best-Selling author, Robin A. Speculand presented his international keynote on “Beyond Strategy – The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation”. Datuk Seri Mohamed Iqbal presented keynote on “Servant Leadership”, a delegation from the Boeing Commercial Airplanes led by Mr. Jeffrey VerWay – Director,  Product Strategy, presented a thought provoking address on “Product Development Strategies”. Melito “Mel” S. Salazar, Jr. – Chairman of InterAsia Development Bank presented a special address on “Emerging Economies – New Opportunities and New Risks.” The Convention welcomed the involvement and participation of other highly acclaimed professionals including: Sakib Sherani – Former Principal Economic Advisor; Kazi Abdul Muqtadir – Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan; Azim Jamal – International Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author of his seventh book, Business, Balance & Beyond; Haroon A. Khan – MD, Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) and many more.

The Convention was concluded with the closing remarks by Syed Yawar Ali, VP Executive Committee MAP (Lahore Chapter) & Chairman, Nestle Pakistan. Eithne Treanor – Special Correspondent, CNBC Arabia, and Managing Director, ETreanor Media was the master of ceremonies.

 Click download: 14th MAP’s Convention Presentations: