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Any Person holding a responsible position in an industrial or Commercial firm, Government  enterprise, consulting firm or any other like establishment, which involves study and application of management principles and effective utilization of human and material resources, also any person teaching management subjects in an educational institution can become Individual Member.

Entrance Fee:                Rs. 2,400

Annual Subscription:     Rs. 2,400      (January-December)

Annual subscription for the ensuing year is payable in advance. Membership application received during July-December will be charged half the annual subscription for that year.


  1. All application for membership must be recommended by two individual members. The list of members is available at the Secretariat of the Association.
  2. A consolidated crossed cheque / bank draft for the relevant fees (Entrance Fee + Annual Subscription) drawn in favour of Management Association of Pakistan, must be sent along with the application.
  3. Acceptance of membership is subject to approval of the Executive Committee of the Association which will be communicated to the applicant at the earliest. In case the application is not approved for any reason (s) the fees paid in respect thereof will be refunded.


(To be given by an Individual member admitted under Sections 4 and 6 of the Articles of Association and As per SECP Regulations Article 10 of S.R.O. 733 (I)/2018)

I, Mr. /Miss. /Mrs.                                     son/daughter/wife of                                     , resident                                                       and holding CNIC/NTN# No, do hereby state on solemn affirmation as under that:

a) I am eligible to act as a member of Management Association of Pakistan according to fit and proper criteria specified in the Regulations;

b) I have sufficient skills, expertise and resources for the attainment of object of the Association.

c) I fulfil the eligibility criteria required for a member to be admitted under Sections 4 and 6 of the Articles of Association. T hat, I will, if admitted, so long as I am a member, duly observe the rules, Articles and other regulations of the Association in fo rce from time to time.

d) I have not been found associated with any money laundering or terrorist financing activitie s, illegal banking business, illegal deposit taking or financial dealings, and also understand the company’s unique risks including the mo ney laundering and terrorism financing risks in the locations where the company operates;

e) I or the company in which I am a director or major shareholder or officer have not been declared by tax authorities as a tax defaulter;

f) I or the company in which I am a director or major shareholder or officer have not been found involved in any fraudulent activities or illegal activities;

g) I have not been found convicted of fraud or breach of trust or of an offence involving moral turpitude by a court of law;

h) I have not been actively involved in the management of a company whose registration or license has been revoked or cancelled or which has gone into liquidation or other similar proceedings due to financial irregularities or malpractices;

i) I am not ineligible, under the Act and company law or any other legislation;

j) I have not been found involved in any undesirable or anti-state activities; and

k) I have not been found involved in multi-level marketing (MLM), Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes, or other related activities/businesses or any lottery business.

l) I am fully aware of the affairs of the Association; and

m) I am fully aware of the contents of application for (grant of membership application) and whatsoever stated in the application and accompanied documents is true and correct and nothing has been concealed in the application.

Note: Please attach copy of the following:

  • CNIC
    Passport size photograph
     *Affidavit (to be printed on Stamp Paper Rs.50 and attested by an Oath Commissioner, Mandatory)
    *Visit the link: to download the Affidavit Form




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