MAP Presents: “33rd Corporate Excellence Awards
Date: 27th February 2018, Karachi

MAP Presents: “Understanding Your Customer’s Dynamics through MBTI
Date: 6th & 7th March 2018, Karachi
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MAP Presents: “Project Management
3rd & 4th April 2018, Karachi

MAP Presents: “Balanced Scorecard: Vision > Strategy > Tactics – 
Translation, Integration & Management

2nd & 3rd May 2018, Karachi
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MAP Presents: “Cultural Intelligence”
27th June 2018, Karachi

MAP Presents: “Marketing Power-Tools: Creating and Realising Value in the Marketplace
4th July 2018, Karachi

MAP Presents: “Business Innovation & Design
7th & 8th August 2018, Karachi

MAP Presents: “Strategic Decision Making”
23th October 2018, Karachi

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